Michael R. La Rocca, renowned interior designer, leaves behind a legacy of extraordinary creativity and innovation as he closes the final chapter of his illustrious career. Throughout the years, his distinctive style and unparalleled attention to detail have transformed countless spaces into breathtaking works of art.

As the sun sets on his professional journey, Michael reflects on the diverse range of projects that have defined his name. From luxurious penthouses overlooking bustling cityscapes to cozy cottages nestled by tranquil shores, he has masterfully captured the essence of each client’s vision and translated it into spaces that transcend expectations.

1. Cocunut Grove

Theme: Classic Modern

Date: 1998

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2. Trump Tower

Client: Trump

Theme: Classic Modern 

Date: 1998

“New York City Apartment”

Since I had a weekend escape from the city, I had a small apartment in the city in a high rise building on Fifth Avenue. My apartment was on the 57th floor overlooking Central Park. When I purchased the apartment, it needed a total reconstruction, but the location and the view made it more than worthwhile. The decoration is modern with traditional elements.

3. Coral Gables

Theme: Classic Modern

Date: 1998

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4. Tuxedo Park

Theme: Modern

Date: 1998

Tuxedo Park

Built in the 40s as a wedding gift by a loving bride for her husband’s great book collection. It is a true fantasy of a house to escape the frantic world of New York City where I had my office and city apartment. The house is stucco, stone and glass. The main living space is 40 feet long and 26 feet high. It has English oak beams and iron chandeliers. There is a very large granite fireplace and a double staircase that leads to the second level that holds the major portion of the bookcases. The gardens are European in style with large trees and fountains. It has an unworldly atmosphere that is purely magical. There is also a boathouse that I converted into a summer living room on the lake.

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